How Much Does a Patio or Walkway Cost?

The average cost of building a concrete walkway is about $2,350, with a typical price range between $1,900 and $2,800. The average cost of a paver walkway is about $2,850, with a range between $1,700 and $4,000.

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Updated February 22, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Adding a patio or walkway is a great way to make your outdoor space more usable. A patio allows you to entertain guests while enjoying the outdoors, while a walkway helps make your grounds more accessible. The specific paving material and surface area are the biggest factors for the material costs. The labor costs primarily depend on the costs of patio contractors in your area and whether the site requires leveling.

Select your Patio & Walkway project

homeowner powerwashing the exterior of a stucco house
Power Wash Exterior Surfaces
(47,748 projects)
$308 Average National Cost
A wooden patio with nice furniture and lots of plants
Install a Patio or Pathway
(16,380 projects)
$4,456 Average National Cost
new house with poured concrete patio
Install Concrete Patio
(16,311 projects)
$3,353 Average National Cost
asphalt paved driveway in front of garage
Install Asphalt Paving
(10,493 projects)
$5,169 Average National Cost
Family playing basketball in driveway
Seal Asphalt Paving
(6,703 projects)
$545 Average National Cost
removing snow from sidewalk with a snowblower
Remove Snow
(5,655 projects)
$123 Average National Cost
asphalt paving being repaired in front of home
Repair Asphalt Paving
(3,306 projects)
$2,403 Average National Cost
Install an Awning
(2,795 projects)
$2,946 Average National Cost
A modern house with glazed arbor
Build a Patio Enclosure
(2,765 projects)
$17,293 Average National Cost
professional repairing a brick patio pathway
Repair a Patio or Pathway
(1,640 projects)
$1,586 Average National Cost
stamped concrete patio with furniture in backyard
Install Stamped Concrete
(1,565 projects)
$5,070 Average National Cost
modern home with retractable canvas awning
Repair an Awning
(498 projects)
$719 Average National Cost

New Walkway Costs

A 400 square foot walkway costs an average $2,400, including materials and labor. This figure includes $3 per square foot to pour basic concrete and 34 hours of labor for a team of two to three people, depending on the project and location. A walkway with curves and other features like coverings will increase the project cost.

Walkway Cost Per Square Foot

The material cost of the pavers is between $3 and $6 per square foot for basic materials, although expensive pavers can greatly increase this start cost. The labor cost ranges from $3 to $4 per square foot, depending on the hourly rate. The total installation cost is between $6 and $10 per square foot.

Walkway Installation Cost

The average labor cost for a team of paving contractors in your area starts at $35 per hour, depending on experience. The basic process of laying pavers isn’t complicated, but it does require skill to do it well. Walkways and patios also have direct exposure to the elements in most cases, so the durability of the materials is an important factor.

Cost to Replace a Front Walkway

The cost of replacing a front walkway with cement ranges from $6 to $15 per square foot, depending on whether it’s poured or stamped concrete. If you want to use pavers for your front walkway, you’ll probably want to use more expensive ones due to the high use this type of walkway receives. The cost of these pavers is between $8 and $20 per square foot.

Covered Walkway Cost

The minimum cost of a 400 square foot walkway with a cover, or pergola, is $4,000, while the maximum cost is $20,000, depending on materials. The minimum figure assumes a walkway made of poured concrete with a steel pergola, while the maximum figure assumes a walkway with high-end pavers and a pergola made of hardwood. The total installation cost for just a steel pergola is $4 per square foot, while aluminum and vinyl pergolas cost about $12 per square foot. The cost of wood pergolas varies by species, with hardwood pergolas averaging about $30 per square foot.

Heated Walkway Cost

The cost of a heated walkway is $12 per square foot. The heating element is the primary expense, but this feature also requires controls, relay panels and accessories. The total cost per square foot is about the same whether the walkway is made of pavers or concrete, although concrete walkways require sensors to ensure even heating.

Walkway, Pathway & Sidewalk Prices by Material

The prices for walkway, pathway and sidewalk materials range from $1 to $35 per square foot. These materials include the following:

  • Brick

  • Poured concrete

  • Stamped concrete

  • Concrete pavers

  • Stone


The cost of brick pavers is between $8 and $20 per square foot. Many types of bricks exist, but they all involve the use of grouting to fill the space between bricks. Ensure you use bricks rated for cold or moisture if you live in these climates to minimize cracking over time.

Poured Concrete

A poured concrete walkway costs $6 to $12 per square foot, although the cost is at the lower end of this price range. It’s primarily a mixture of cement, gravel, sand and water. You can pour concrete relatively quickly compared to pavers, since it doesn’t require you to lay and grout individual pieces.

Stamped Concrete

The cost of stamped concrete is slightly more than that of poured concrete, but still in the range of $8 to $20 per square foot. This method involves pouring the concrete and stamping a pattern on the surface, causing it to resemble another material such as brick, stone or tile. This technique gives the walkway the look of these materials without paying the higher price.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers cost $8 to $15 per square foot. They resemble natural stone, but at a substantially lower price. The installation cost of these pavers varies, as you may install them with or without grout.


The cost of installing a flagstone walkway with stone is between $15 and $30 per square foot. Other types of expensive stone include flagstone, granite, slate and travertine. They’re also highly durable, making them less likely to crack as a result of weather exposure.

DIY vs. Hiring a Walkway Contractor

A walkway’s features provide the best indication of whether you should attempt to build it yourself. You may be able to make a straight walkway if the site doesn’t require leveling, and you have experience in mixing and pouring concrete. However, a walkway contractor in your area should level the site and build a walkway with curves. Building a walkway with pavers is also a task you should leave to professionals.


What is the cheapest material for a patio, walkway or pathway?

Poured concrete is the cheapest material that you’ll typically use to make a patio, walkway or pathway. The cost of a gravel walkway may be as low as $1 per square foot, but it’s not a common material for these structures.

What are some cost effective walkway ideas?

Concrete generally provides the most cost-effective methods of building walkways. Stamped concrete and concrete pavers can resemble stone pavers, which are much more expensive.

How much does a walkway canopy cost?

The total cost of adding a canopy to a walkway is between $4 and $30 per square foot, depending on the material. Wood is particularly expensive compared to metals like steel and aluminum and is also more challenging to install.

How much does a moving walkway cost?

A moving walkway like the ones at airports cost about $1.1 million to build and $100,000 per year to operate. These costs mean a moving walkway isn’t economical unless the foot traffic is very high.

Are a walkway and a sidewalk the same thing?

A walkway and sidewalk are structurally similar, although their environments differ. A sidewalk generally runs parallel with a road, while a walkway typically connects a road to a structure like a house.