How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

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$6,634 - $17,579

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Updated June 23, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The cost to install a wrought iron fence is between $24 to $36 per linear foot, all in. For a 160 linear foot wrought iron fence, expect to pay between $6,634 and $17,579. Decorative additions can raise the total to more than $10,000. Add a matching gate for $300 to $9,000, including installation.

Although this material can be expensive, it is more durable than other options like aluminum. It is not useful for privacy fences but is ideal for custom creations and historic restorations. Because of its custom nature, hiring a fencing pro is crucial for both material purchasing and installation.

Wrought Iron Fence Installation Cost Calculator

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National Average $12,062
Typical Range $6,634 - $17,579
Low End - High End $2,500 - $30,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 27,399 HomeAdvisor members.

Wrought Iron Fence Installation Price per Linear Foot

Expect to pay between $24 and $34per linear foot, all in. Take a look at the typical costs to install a wrought iron fence around your yard.

Size of yard (square feet)Length of fence (linear feet)Cost range
20030$720 – $1,020
500 70$1,680 – $2,380
1,000102$2,400 – $3,500
2,000135$3,200 – $4,600

Installation Cost Factors 

A variety of factors influence the cost to install a wrought iron fence, ranging from height and length to location, terrain, and the type of iron.

Fence Height and Length 

It's not just the length that impacts the price of your fence, but also the height. While the materials for a 3-foot wrought iron fence can cost as little as $ 24 per linear foot, a high-end, 6-foot tall wrought iron fence can cost $34per linear foot for materials. The taller the fence, the more material is required. 

Gauge or Thickness of Fence

A standard wrought Iron fence has a bar thickness of 12mm. However, if you have a custom fence installed and want thicker bars for security or appearance, you'll pay more for labor and materials. The thicker the bar, the more material required. Plus, the thicker the bar, the more challenging it is to cut, mold, and work with, increasing labor costs. 

Labor Costs 

Labor costs around 25% of the total project fee. A fencing pro typically costs $30 to $80per hour. The cost depends on the work involved and your geographic location. Typically, installing 150 to 200 linear feet takes 20 to 35 hours. 

Fence Location 

The location and terrain of the installation site can significantly impact the cost. If the site is difficult to access, you'll pay extra in labor costs, as it takes more time and may require using smaller or manual tools rather than machinery if the access point is narrow. 

If the terrain is rocky and uneven, you'll also pay more for installation because it's a more complex job that requires installing step-ups or step-downs, which requires more labor and materials. 

Quality of Iron Used 

The quality of the iron you choose has a distinct impact on price. The most affordable type costs $25.50 per linear foot, on average, compared to the most expensive, at $32.50per linear foot. The higher quality the iron, the less maintenance it'll need, and the longer it'll last. So, while it's initially more expensive, top-quality iron costs less over time and lasts longer.

Bar Spacing 

The standard bar spacing is 100mm for wrought iron fencing. However, you can choose to have the bars placed closer together in a custom design if, for example, you have dogs and want to make sure they can't get any parts of themselves between the bars. Note, though, that the closer the bars, the more materials required to complete the fence. Plus, you'll pay extra for the custom design.

Permitting or Land Survey Costs 

Hiring a land surveyor costs between $330 and $670. It's an important first step for a new fence. Without it, you won't know the exact edge of your property. The surveyor defines the boundaries of your land for you.

After the survey, you need a permit that costs between $20 and $400. Most municipalities and counties require a permit, but it makes sense to check first. Your contractor can help you file for it with your local authorities.

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Cost to Install an Iron Fence by Iron Type 

Wrought iron is available in different types, colors, and styles. Which options you choose impact the total price of your fence installation project. You can opt for finishes other than black, such as green, white, or bronze, and you can choose ornamental styles, with curving patterns in the iron, twisted or curved bars, and interesting toppers.

Plain Black Iron 

Plain black iron starts at $24 per linear foot. These fences put function before form, and offer little in the way of customization or decoration. At the upper end of this budget range, which is $30 per linear foot, you can have colored wrought iron, in white, green, gray, bronze, and other popular colors to give your home's perimeter a little personality. 


Galvanized wrought iron costs $28 to $32per linear foot. Posts and panels come pre-galvanized, or coated in a layer of protective zinc. Galvanization protects the iron from the elements, and helps prevent rust from setting in. Choosing galvanized steel costs more upfront but reduces maintenance costs long-term and increases the fence’s lifespan.


Ornamental wrought iron fences cost $27 to $34per linear foot. Both galvanized and plain iron can be ornamental, but you'll pay toward the higher end of the range for galvanized. Ornamental options include toppers, curving or twisted bars, and other decorative features. 

Cost to Install a Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gates cost between $600 and $8,500. The huge cost discrepancy hinges on style, size, and type. A simple, unadorned gate wide enough for a person to walk through can cost as little as $600, installed. On the other end of the scale, a beautifully ornamental, automatic electric gate big enough to get an RV through can cost up to $8,500, including installation. 

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro 

Wrought iron fence installation is complex and requires a local specialized fencing contractor; it's really not a DIY job. Sure, you can save up to 25% by doing the installation yourself, but it's easy to get wrong, and the problems you create can cost significantly more to fix than the labor you saved on the installation. 

Working with wrought iron is difficult and very different from installing a wooden fence. A pro has the skills and tools to get the job done right, including leveling uneven terrain, installing step-downs, and making sure the posts are properly seated to avoid the fence falling over down the road. Getting a pro to do the work gets the job done right, faster. Plus, you'll spend less on maintenance and upkeep long term.

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What are the different types of wrought iron and their costs?

Plain iron is the most affordable type of wrought iron and comes without any decorations or protective coatings and costs between $24 and $27 per linear foot. Top-quality wrought iron fencing costs $28 to $34 per linear foot and uses the same base material but is better welded for greater durability and generally has some level of ornamentation. Either option is expensive compared to the cost of vinyl fencing or chain-link barrier prices.

What is the per-pound price of iron?

Most estimates put the price of scrap iron at $0.03 to $0.06 per pound, but there is no standardized pricing. These scraps are the basis of the new formation of materials. Your local scrapyard can help you find current pricing in your area.

Do I need to galvanize my fence to protect it from rain?

For long-term protection, galvanization is crucial. It adds a protective coating that protects the metal from rusting. The process involves dipping it into molten zinc. Galvanized iron comes pre-galvanized. If you don't have a galvanized fence, regular painting with special outdoor iron paint can help to reduce rust from setting in.

How do I know how much iron fencing material I need?

If you want to know how much material you will need, consider the size of your property first. Add together the length of the exterior borders on which you plan to install the barrier. Subtract any openings, such as your deck or a future gate. Working with a contractor can help you get a more accurate number after your initial estimate.

What does an average wrought iron fence cost vs. wood?

Wood fencing costs less than metal, ranging between $1,700 and $3,900 in most cases. However, you will need to perform more regular maintenance. Wrought iron fencing lasts much longer than wood with a little maintenance, making wrought iron a better long-term investment than wood fencing.

How much does it cost to repair an iron fence?

The cost to repair your fence is between $250 and $750. Rust is the most frequent problem and requires both sanding and repainting. Broken barriers might need to be re-welded, which costs more. If your fence leans, make sure the ground is sturdy enough to hold it.

How much does wrought iron fence painting cost?

The price of painting your fence is between $6 and $10 per linear foot. That's $800 to $2,000 for an average-sized yard. It might require rust removal and multiple coats. The right paint makes it more attractive and increases its durability.

How much does wrought iron railing cost?

Railings cost between $500 and $3,000. You can find pre-formed metal options or custom alternatives. Fencing restricts access, while railings provide security. As a result, a railing needs to be sure to support anyone holding on to it. It also needs to fit well to a stairwell or deck.

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