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How Much Does A Professional Organizer Cost?

Typical Range: $236 - $754

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Personal Organizer Rates

On average, professional organizers charge $494 for a job. Depending on the project, most homeowners pay between $236 and $754. Hourly costs are typically between $55 and $100. The average job takes between 2 and 10 hours.

Finding time to keep your home organized is difficult. The right professional can help you:

  • organize bills
  • schedule appointments
  • make shopping lists
  • build a strategy to keep various spaces of your home organized and efficient.

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National Average $494
Typical Range $236 - $754
Low End - High End $90 - $1,500

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Professional Organizer Hourly Rates

Most hourly rates for organizing services range between $55 and $85. That price can be as low as $15 for someone who's doing it part-time. This could be a college student or stay-at-home parent looking to earn some extra money. The upper end of $100 per hour may apply to a national company that sends a team of certified professionals to your home.

How Do Organizers Charge?

Most professional organizers will charge you per hour for their time. However, some experts quote prices by the day or by the project.

Many larger companies offer discounts when charging by the project. For example, you might be able to get a $50 discount for a four-hour project compared to regular hourly rates. Ask for markdowns for daily or project rates when speaking to a prospective company to discover whether you could save money.

Does the Complexity of the Project Affect Organizer Prices per Hour?

Hourly rates are not always constant. If you are hiring a pro for a complex or specialty project, you might have to pay more per hour than you would for simple decluttering. In fact, the same expert may charge up to 20% more if the project requires additional planning or is more complicated to execute. A quote of $50 per hour may increase to $60 if it includes extra planning or coordination with other pros.

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Professional Organizer Fees by Specialty

If an organizer or personal assistant has expertise in a specific area, they may charge more. A financial expert, for instance, will cost more than someone organizing your mail. The more dedicated the pro is to a field, the more they tend to charge for services in that field. Hiring someone with advanced education also means their services will cost more.

Specialty Professional Organizers
Typical Job TitleHourly RatesTask Example
Home organizer$35 - $80Declutters and systemizes
Life organizer $50 - $130Schedules and builds life skills
Computer organizer$40 - $120Customizes programs on your computer
Office organizer$50 - $90Focuses on filing and desk spaces
Organizational Writer$60 - $150Pulls information together into concise reports
Financial Planner$150 - $300Balances financial books

Home Organization Service Rates vs. Life Organizer Costs

Home organization and personal organization services are sometimes used interchangeably. However, the two accomplish very different tasks. Understanding their costs and specialties will help you find the right pro for you.

Home Organization ServicePersonal Organizer
$35 - $80 per hour$50 - $130 per hour
Declutter an existing spaceDevelop a daily schedule for your family
Sort and organize remaining itemsBuild a plan to stick with the schedule
Feature specialty items and memorabiliaTeach effective time-management skills
Build a long-term plan for keeping an area cleanSet and monitor achievable goals for daily life

Computer Organization Service Costs

Computer organizers charge between $40 and $120 per hour. These dedicated professionals often have an IT background and can help educate their clients on how to use computers.

Average Office Organizing Services Per Hour

Office organizers typically charge $50 to $90 per hour. They specialize in digital and physical filing systems and will pay special attention to how your desk spaces are arranged and organized.

Their goal is to increase productivity through organization. You can find experts both for individual and home offices, and for larger office spaces that focus on the entire organization or cubicle system.

Organizational Writer Rates

This type of freelance writer costs between $60 and $150. They often have a journalism or technical writing background. They specialize in pulling together large amounts of information into concise summaries. They can help to prepare a comprehensive report for a school meeting, or revise and improve the flow of regular reports for foster children.

Cost to Hire a Financial Planner

Financial planners charge between $150 and $300 to help you organize your books and checkbooks. They take a long-term approach to your finances, from weekly budgeting to retirement planning.

Home Organizing & Cleaning Service Prices

Adding cleaning services to your organization project can add about $100 to $200 to total costs. However, most professional assistants are not housekeepers, and will not do housework. Some pros, however, can include household tasks as part of their duties for the mentioned upcharge. Their primary goal is to help you get your life organized, and to figure out a plan to keep it that way in the future.

Dedicated cleaning services cost between $75 and $175 per visit. They take care of dust, dirt, and other surface needs, while organizers aim to fix the underlying causes for these symptoms. Discuss whether housekeeping is included in a project before it starts, or whether the experts will work with a cleaning crew as they organize your space.

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Cost of Extra Customizations

When the existing space cannot accommodate better organization or simply doesn't hold up to your expectations, additional work may be necessary. You might want to redesign the area or build new furniture or rooms for it. The cost of these customizations can range from $500 to $65,900.

Each of these customizations requires specialized skills that justify the higher rates. If you know your project requires any of the above, let your organizer know so they can coordinate their work with these experts.

Cost to Hire a Professional Organizer - Is It Worth It?

Organizers can benefit your life in countless personal and professional situations:

  • A single parent who doesn't have time to clean up every day.
  • Working parents who want to spend more time with their kids when at home.
  • Telecommuters who want to maintain a professional home office.
  • Young professionals who spend long hours working as they climb the corporate ladder.
  • Empty nesters who spend weeks or months away from home.
  • Multigenerational families who need to make space for the next generation.

These pros take care of your everyday tasks, while you focus on the most important parts of life.

Finding a Home Organizer For Hire

To find the right expert, you need to be strategic and do some research. Find professional organizers in your area and prepare to ask the right questions. Cover topics that range from professional qualifications to areas of specialization. Let them know what you want to accomplish and ask how many hours that might take. Other tips include:

  • Reading online reviews and checking credentials to focus your search.
  • Asking a standardized set of questions for each pro you're considering.
  • Preparing for the consultation by setting expectations and knowing your must-haves.

Learn more about finding and hiring a professional organization service.

Professional Organizers Near Me

The prices to hire the right expert can differ by area and specialization. Start your search by finding professional organizers near you, then get quotes to find a pro that matches your expectations and budget.

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