How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Professional Organizer?

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$250 - $834

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Updated August 18, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

On average, professional organizers charge $520 for a job. Depending on the project, most homeowners pay between $250 and $834. Hourly costs are typically between $80 and $140. The average job takes between two and 10 hours.

Learn all the cost factors that go into hiring a professional organizer, including hiring by the specialty, project, or room you'd like to organize in your home below.

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National Average $520
Typical Range $250 - $834
Low End - High End $90 - $1,800

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 2,655 HomeAdvisor members.

Hourly Rates for Professional Organizers

On average, hiring a local home organizing service ranges between $80 and $140 per hour, depending on the experience level and type of person you're hiring. Professional organizers come from all backgrounds, from part-timers who may charge as low as $15 or $20 per hour as a side hustle to $100 to $140 per hour for a company to send a team of people to your home.

Professional Organizer Fees by Project or Specialty

Professional organization costs are often driven by the room you're changing or the type of work you need done in your home. Find out more in-depth information below.

Type of Professional Organizing Average Price Range per Hour
Office organizing $50 – $90
Home organizing and cleaning $35 – $85
General decluttering $35 – $85
Computer organizing $60 – $150
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Office Organizing

An office organizer typically charges $50 to $90 per hour and focuses on filing and organizing your desk or workspace during that time. The nature of the work will be more than simple decluttering—as might be the case with the cost of reorganizing a garage—so you might pay more, especially if you're rearranging your office or designing an entirely new space.

Home Organizing & Cleaning 

Home organizers charge around $35 to $85 per hour and work as more of a generalist than other types of professional organizers. Their primary aim is to declutter and systemize the areas in your home that need it most—meaning if you're working on a budget, they may only complete work in one or two rooms that stand out. Highly specific projects—like organizing a built-in bookshelf—may be quoted as a one-off price, not by an hourly rate.


Decluttering may involve sorting through old boxes in an attic or garage, removing old office files that are no longer needed, and many shades of gray in between. Expect to pay around $35 to $85 for the cost of a decluttering service. You may also need to factor in the cost of renting a dumpster and hauling it away or whatever method you plan to use to get rid of the trash you deem no longer necessary in your home.

Computer Organizing

As we become more intertwined with our tech devices for work and recreation, hiring someone to organize a computer may also make sense. For around $60 to $150 per hour, a professional organizer can organize files on your computer, clear up RAM and space, and even upgrade apps on your laptop or home office computer to ensure you can work at the fastest speeds.

Home Organization Cost Factors

From decluttering an office to paying for the cost of organizing a closet or even having your work laptop organized, there's a pro out there who can streamline your spaces or belongings. The price you pay will likely be affected by the person or company you hire. Here are some other cost factors to consider.


Like any profession, people who have been doing the job longer generally have more experience and skills, which may increase the rate you pay per hour for their services. Paying for experience often works in your favor since they can get the job done faster and give you a more specific vision of what the end result will look like when they're done, helping you decide if it's worth the investment.

Project Size

Hourly rates aren't always constant. If you're hiring a pro for a complex or specialty project—such as cleaning up an office with time-sensitive documents or tax papers that need to be carefully filed and organized—you might have to pay more per hour than you would for simple decluttering.

The same expert may charge up to 20% more if the project requires additional planning or is more complicated to execute. You can negotiate with or ask about these things during your discovery call with a home organizer when you ask for a quote.

Add-Ons and Additional Services

From additional personal features to the specifics needed to complete your organizing job, extra fees may become a reality. The cost of these customizations can range from $500 to $65,900, which may seem stark, but the nature of the project you're completing will ultimately narrow down that price.

Here are some prices to consider:

  • Feng shui consultant fee: $500–$900

  • Garage organization cost: $700–$2,500

  • Closet organizer installation cost: $830–$2,300

  • Custom closet installation cost: $1,100–$2,700

  • Built-in bookshelf installation cost: $1,250–$3,750

  • Interior designer or decorator fee: $1,900–$10,700

  • Junk removal cost: $130–$360

  • Home organizing coaching cost: $55–$100 per hour

Each of these customizations requires specialized skills that justify the higher rates. If your project requires any of the above, let your organizer know so they can coordinate their work with these experts.

Hiring a Home Organizer

To find the right expert, you must be strategic and research. Today, the home organization industry is very niche-oriented, meaning you can find a pro with lots of good reviews who’s done exactly the job you need to be completed.

Ask your potential hire questions like:

  • What areas do you specialize in?

  • Do you offer discounts for bulk jobs?

  • What is your approach like? 

  • How hands-on will I be as the homeowner?

  • Do you have a portfolio I can review?

Be sure to ask for references you can call or speak to online, especially for comprehensive projects such as organizing an entire kitchen or a cluttered walk-in closet. Tell them what you want to accomplish and ask how many hours it might take. An excellent way to prepare for your consultation is to set expectations and know your project must-haves.

DIY Home Organization vs. Hiring a Pro

Hiring a home organizing pro often comes down to your budget and goals. For the most part, you can complete even a large-scale project. But if free time is sparse or you aren't confident in your ability to execute the project, a home organizer can complete work in just a few hours that might take you all day—and do as good or better of a job. They may have unique approaches you didn't think of, saving you hours and costly mistakes.


Is hiring a professional organizer worth it?

Homeowners who could significantly benefit from hiring a home organizer include:

  • Single parents who don't have time to clean up every day

  • Working parents who want to spend more time with their kids when at home

  • Telecommuters who want to maintain a professional home office

  • Young professionals who spend long hours working as they climb the corporate ladder

  • Empty nesters who spend weeks or months away from home

  • Multigenerational families who need to make space for the next generation

These pros take care of your everyday tasks so you can focus on enjoying your life.

How do organizers charge?

Home organizers typically charge either by the hour or the project, the latter being more common when it's a significant room overhaul or several rooms in a house. You'll be able to find out exactly how much a home organizer charges by meeting with them, describing your project scope, and asking for a quote.

Do professional organizers need a license?

No, but many professional organizers seek credentials and further education coursework to help position themselves as experts on their specific type of work in an industry that continues to grow in competition.

Licenses or additional certifications might speak to their experience in the field. Or, in the case of a specialty job—like paying feng shui consultant fees—it might give you confidence they can do the job you're hiring them for.

How long will it take to organize my home?

It could take anywhere from one to two hours to a week to organize your home, depending on who you hire and how much work there is. The room size and the extent of the mess will also determine how long it takes a professional home organizer to get your space in tip-top shape. A company or full-time professional can get it done faster than a part-timer.

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