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How Much Does It Cost To Move?

Typical Range: $836 - $2,242

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How Much Do Movers Cost?

Hiring movers costs $836 and $2,242, or $1,531 on average. This range includes a rate of $25 to $50 per hour for each professional, as well as a rental truck for a relocation of less than 100 miles.

Moving prices depend on many factors, like the size of your home, the weight of the items and how far you need to go. Even things like the time of year can significantly affect the total. Keep these variations in mind as you plan.

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National Average $1,531
Typical Range $836 - $2,242
Low End - High End $200 - $11,216

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the average cost to hire movers is $25 to $50 per hour

How Much Do Movers Cost for a Local Move?

The price of a local move ranges from $600 to $1,650. The estimate may include an hourly rate, a flat fee, or both.

Cost of Professional Movers Per Hour

Local movers usually charge $25 to $50 per hour for each worker. This may or may not include a truck and a furniture dolly, so you’ll want to confirm when you get an estimate.

MoversPrice Per Hour

The number of movers you need for the job depends on your belongings. Plan on three or more pros if you have a larger house or heavy items, like a piano.

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Cost of Packing and Moving

Packing services cost $1,000 on average, related to the size of the house and the items you have. This price only includes packing and related materials. You’ll pay extra for loading, unloading or unpacking.

Full Service Movers Cost

Hiring full service movers costs $2,300 or more, depending on the distance and square footage. This service includes:

  • Packing
  • Furniture disassembly
  • Loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Furniture assembly

Keep in mind that full service may spread out the process over a week or two. In most cases, movers pack items, store them for a few days and deliver them. Plan to transport your highest priority items personally so that you’re not stuck for days without them.

Moving Cross Country

The cost to move out of state ranges from $2,200 to $5,700, depending mostly on distance and weight. The average home’s belongings weigh about 7,500 pounds.

When you hire movers, be sure to ask they cover distances longer than 100 miles. These trips have different rules and regulations, especially if you’re going to a different state.

Estimated Cost of Moving by House or Apartment Size

Moving costs $240 to $1,500 or more, depending on the size of the house. This range includes a truck and 2 to 3 movers to load, transport and unload. If you want the pros to pack, store or transport your items more than 100 miles, you’ll pay more.

Moving Cost Estimator by Number of Bedrooms

Cost to Move Other Items Like Cars and Pianos

Moving unusually large, heavy or delicate things can cost $400 to $2,000 extra, depending on the item and its size:

If you’re trying to keep expenses down, it may be worthwhile to consider the price of replacement. For example, a swing set that cannot be disassembled may cost more to relocate than to buy new.

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Moving Company Prices

The price you pay starts with an estimate. For a smaller, local move, you can usually get a quote online or over the phone. Distances more than 100 miles typically require an in person consultation.

Most long distance movers use one of three types of estimates, and it’s important to know the difference:

  • Binding Estimate: Requires you to pay only the stated price.
  • Non Binding Estimate: Does not guarantee final cost.
  • Not To Exceed Estimate: You pay the estimate or final cost, whichever is lower.

Moving Company Estimates

With a range of $600 to $1,650, the total you pay to move depends largely on the company and services you choose. You’ll need to request a quote for specific prices with each business, but these pros and cons can help you figure out where to start.

PODSConvenient DIY loadingDoesn’t include unloading
MayflowerComprehensive serviceNo online estimates
AlliedWide service rangeSubcontracts
United Van LinesQuick quotesSomewhat vague pricing
Two Men and a TruckLocal and long distanceFranchise service

If you’re using a national chain, remember that they may subcontract to local companies for shorter moves. In this case, you may want to read reviews for that business before you commit.

Moving Cost Factors

The $1,100 average to move depends mostly on volume and distance, but there are other factors to consider. Don’t forget these aspects as you plan.

Moving Truck and Van Prices

Renting a truck or van costs $50 to $2,000, mostly related to the size of the vehicle. Many local moving companies include a standard vehicle as part of the package, but it may cost extra for a larger one.

If you’re relocating more than 100 miles on a tight budget, truck rental may save you $1,000 or more. In this case, you might hire pros to load or unload, or ask friends and family to help.

Ease of Access

A unit that is difficult to access can add an extra $200 to $500 to the total. Carrying furniture over several flights of stairs takes longer and often requires extra movers. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to request an in person estimate to be sure.


The cheapest time to move is in:

  • Fall and winter
  • Weekdays
  • The middle of the month

Moving companies are busiest in the summer, as well as weekends and holidays. If you relocate at these times, you can count on limited options and higher prices.

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Moving Insurance

Most professional moving companies provide a basic liability insurance in the estimate, which covers about 60 cents per pound. If you want coverage that will reimburse you for the full value of the item, you’ll need to pay more. Be sure to ask about it when you request a quote, as you may not be able to add it on the day of service.


It’s customary to leave a 10 to 20 percent tip, particularly for local movers. Plan to give closer to 20 percent if the job is less than $500, or if the workers have done a great job taking care of your items. Cash is easiest, but you may be able to add it to a credit card transaction.

How to Hire Movers

Finding a moving company takes a little planning and preparation. You might discover a wide range of prices and services available, depending on how much research you do. Follow these tips to help you narrow down the list:

  • Make a list of questions about rates, insurance and other concerns.
  • Check the credentials of the company and individual movers.
  • Read reviews and ratings to make sure they’re reliable.
  • Get written estimates from at least three pros.

Avoiding Scams

More than 4,000 people experience moving fraud each year, with an average claim of $8,000. To help keep this from happening to you, avoid signing a contract with any company that:

  • Asks for a deposit
  • Lists a P.O. box or residential address for the business
  • Can’t prove they have an active license
  • Has a bad reputation with the American Moving and Storage Association or the BBB


What’s the average cost to move a 3 bedroom house?

The cost to move a 3 bedroom house ranges from $480 to $800.

How much does it cost to move an entire house?

The cost to move an entire house ranges from $100,000 to $200,000. Price factors depend on the size of the house, the distance and the improvements you must make to the new property in order to place it.

How much does it cost to move out for the first time?

Moving out for the first time costs around $6,700 to $10,700, depending on where you live. Here's a sample of common expenses you can expect as you research local rates:

  • Average price to move: $1,100
  • Monthly rent for a one bedroom: $600 to $1,500
  • First and last month’s rent: $1,200 to $3,000
  • Security deposit: $600 to $1,500 (one month’s rent)
  • Furnishings: $3,500 to $5,800
  • Internet: $60 per month
  • Utilities: $150 to $200 per month

Can you hire movers to move one item?

Moving one item like a car or piano costs $400 to $2,000, on top of general relocation expenses.

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