How Much Does It Cost to Install Fiber Cement Siding?

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$6,642 - $23,059

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Updated August 8, 2022

Reviewed by Andy Kilborn, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Installing fiber cement siding costs  $14,817 on average, including both the materials and labor. You’ll most likely pay between $6,642 and $23,059, though some homeowners have reported costs up to $39,000, while others have reported paying as little as $1,500. Fiber cement siding is one of the most affordable exterior siding materials for homes, but there are still large price disparities. This guide breaks down the costs of your fiber cement siding project.

2022 Notice: Material Prices Are Surging

Demand for siding and other building materials has grown over the past year. And as a result, manufacturers are increasing materials prices. Prices have gone up 5% to 10% this year, and many parts of the country are experiencing long delivery times. If you're planning a building project, we recommend starting as early as possible in the season, preparing for potential price fluctuations, and allowing extra time to order materials.

Average Cost to Install Fiber Cement Siding

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National Average $14,817
Typical Range $6,642 - $23,059
Low End - High End $1,500 - $40,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 2,199 HomeAdvisor members.

Fiber Cement Siding Cost Per Square Foot 

Fiber cement siding costs $10 per square foot on average, including both labor and materials. However, you might pay $5 to $14 per square foot, depending on the fiber cement siding you choose.

Home Size (sq. ft.)Fiber Cement Siding Cost
1,000$5,000 – $14,000
1,500$7,500 – $21,000
2,000$10,000 – $28,000
2,500$12,500 – $35,000
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Fiber Cement Siding Installation Cost Factors

With fiber cement siding costing anywhere from $5 to $14, there’s a noticeable difference in prices. Here are cost factors that contribute to the total price of your project.

Brand Quality

You’ll pay more for well-known and designer brands like Hardie and Equitone, but they often outperform economy options in looks and durability. Heavier, high-quality products cost more to transport and install, which is one of the biggest reasons for the price increase.

Home Height 

Second-story installations require more tools, equipment and time, usually increasing your overall price. Single-story homes average a height of 10 to 15 feet, while two-story homes are around 20 feet tall on average, adding double the feet in height to the siding of your home.


Easily accessed homes and walls cost less than remote or hard-to-reach areas or houses. If your home is in a rural or mountainous area, the cost to transport heavy machinery and materials to your home can push prices towards the higher end of the price range. If you live in a suburban or urban area that is close to the installation company, expect to pay less.

Labor Costs

Labor to install fiber cement costs $2 to $8 per square foot. The price you pay for labor depends on the style of siding you purchase. Expect panels to take the least amount of time, with shingles taking longer than any other type. A crew of two can install about 100 square feet every six hours.

Fiber Cement Siding Cost by Type 

You can buy fiber cement siding planks from your local home improvement store or a building discount warehouse for $0.70 to $15 per square foot.

TypeMaterial Price Per Square Foot
Panels$2.50 – $15
Shingles$2 – $6
Planks$0.70 – $6

They carry brands such as James Hardie and GAF WeatherSide. Other fiber cement siding brands to look for are MaxiTile, Nichiha USA, and Allura Plycem (formerly known as CertainTeed). The actual cost depends on the weight, color and style.


Fiber cement panels cost $2.50 to $15 per square foot or anywhere from $60 to $240 each, not including labor. You’ll pay more for larger panels than you will for smaller or narrower panels. Generally, you’ll save up to 50% by buying in bulk. They come in many sizes, including:

Panel SizePrice Range (each)
2’x8’$30 – $240
4’x8’$50 – $460
4’x10’$70 – $560


Shingles cost $2 to $6 per square foot or $2 to $10each. They come in 1 by 1-foot or 1 by 2-foot shingles to mimic wood shake designs. They cost far less per square foot than any other type but take far longer to install, which can increase installation costs.


Fiber cement planks cost $0.70 to $8 per square foot or $7 to $50 each. You’ll find planks, along with shingles, at almost any home improvement store. They mimic the look of wood siding. Although cheaper than panels, they take far longer to install correctly, increasing labor prices.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Though you might feel tempted to save on installation expenses by DIYing your fiber cement siding project, this is a specialized project that requires experience and the tools to do the job correctly. Installing fiber cement siding isn’t like doing wood, vinyl or aluminum siding. While it may look similar, it has its own set of installation considerations. Improper installation can lead to cracks and gaps. Gaps can lead to mold in your home, which is expensive to treat and dangerous if left untreated.

The best way to install fiber cement siding on your home is by hiring a fiber cement siding installer near you to do the job correctly the first time around. Installing fiber cement should be left for the professionals because:

  • It’s heavy, at about two and a half pounds per square foot.

  • You can crack it if you mishandle it.

  • You’ll need special tools to cut and nail it to avoid breaking.

  • Cutting causes dust to spread, making eye and nose/mouth protection a must.

  • When installed on new construction, it may crack as the building settles.

  • James Hardie has two types of boards for different climate zones HZ5 and HZ10.

  • The tools to cut fiber cement cost almost as much as hiring a professional.

"If you plan on tackling a fiber cement siding project, be sure to order more than you'll need, as cuts and breakage can lead to more waste than you'd think,” says Andy Kilborn, owner of Andy's Handyman Service in Des Moines, IA.

Pneumatic production shear$1,000 – $1,500
Cutting tools$70 – $300
Blades to cut fiber cement cost$50 – $100
Nail gun$100 – $200


How much does it cost to put fiber cement siding on a 1500-sq-ft house?

It costs between $7,500 and $21,000 on average to put fiber cement siding on a 1,500-square-foot house.

How much does James Hardie fiber cement siding cost? 

The cost of James Hardie averages $3 to $10 per square foot for materials alone. Professionally installed, the price increases to $5 to $15 per square foot. The artisan collection can hit $25 per square foot with installation. Hard-to-access areas or time-intensive installs can double the cost.

How do you maintain fiber cement siding?

Though fiber cement is resistant to wind, fire, insects, UV rays, and other elements that damage most materials, you’ll still need to maintain your fiber cement siding. Every year, inspect your siding and do the following:

  • Inspect the caulking for any place two pieces come together. Redo the caulking in splits, cracks, or holes.

  • Wash the siding, starting at the roofline and working your way down.

  • You can do maintenance yourself, or you can have a local handyman do it.

  • Crack repair kits cost about $15.

How long does fiber cement siding last?

Fiber cement siding costs 50 years or more if you practice regular maintenance.

Is fiber cement siding more expensive than vinyl?

Fiber cement siding costs about the same as most vinyl siding but lasts longer. Explore the differences between fiber cement and vinyl siding.

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