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How Much Will It Cost To Replace A Bathroom Fan?

Typical Range: $143 - $372

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October 26, 2021

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The cost to replace a bathroom fan starts at $257 for a simple direct swap with no extra work involved. If new ducts, changes or upgrades to wiring, or adding extras like humidity sensors are necessary, expect to pay anywhere from $143 and $372.

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  4. Bathroom Fan Replacement Costs By Type
    1. Ceiling-Mounted
    2. Wall-Mounted
    3. No-Cut
    4. Room Access
    5. Fan With Light
    6. Exterior
    7. Inline
    8. Fan With Heater
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    10. Fan WIth Bluetooth
  5. Bathroom Fan Replacement Cost By CFM
  6. Factors That Influence Bathroom Fan Replacement Costs
    1. Cost to Install Bathroom Exhaust Ducts
    2. Enhancements
  7. DIY vs. Hiring a Fan Replacement Pro

Bathroom Fan Replacement Cost Calculator

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National Average $257
Typical Range $143 - $372
Low End - High End $80 - $600

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Bathroom Fan Replacement Prices

The cost of bathroom fans and necessary materials varies from $16 to $300. At the low end, a small, basic ceiling-mounted fan costs less than $20. A premium smart fan with Bluetooth, a light and a heater can cost up to $300. The average cost of a bathroom fan is $145

Note, however, that this doesn't include the cost of labor. Additionally, how much you pay for the fan depends on the size of your bathroom as well as the type of fan you choose.

Bathroom Fan Replacement Installation Costs

The cost to hire an electrician is $40 to $100 per hour. For a simple, direct fan swap that requires no wiring changes, cutting, or ductwork, expect to pay up to two hours of labor, or $80 to $200, including time for the pro to clean up. 

For more complex jobs, such as upgrading from a basic ceiling-mounted fan to a premium model with extra features such as lights and heating, labor costs increase significantly because the pro will likely need to replace, reconfigure, or move the existing wiring to accommodate the increased load. This can take up to four hours, so budget $160 to $400 for labor in this instance.

If you need replacement ducts or new ductwork, you'll also need a plumber. Plumbers typically cost $45 to $200 per hour and changing or installing vents takes between one and two hours, at a cost of $45 to $400, depending on the complexity of the job.

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Bathroom Fan Replacement Costs By Type

Bathroom fans start at just $16 for a basic, ceiling- or wall-mounted fan. However, if you want a fan suitable for a larger bathroom, that's extra quiet or has additional features such as lighting and heating, you can pay up to $300 for the unit. The average cost of a bathroom fan is $145. 

On top of the cost of the fan, you'll also need to factor in labor at two to four hours, depending on the scope of the project. This costs an additional $80 to $400.

Fan TypeCost Range (Materials Only)Average Cost (Materials Only)
Ceiling-mounted$16 – $200$108
Wall-mounted$16 – $250$133
No-cut$50 – $150$100
Room access$50 – $150$100
Fan with light$50 – $175$112
Exterior$50 – $300$175
Inline$50 – $300$175
Fan with heater$75 – $240$157
Fan with light and heater$75 – $275$175
Fan with Bluetooth$90 – $300$195
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Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Fan

Ceiling-mounted fans are the most common and most efficient. Steam rises, so it makes sense to mount a fan on the ceiling where it can more efficiently draw the steam in and send it out through the vent. And, if you have a unit with an integrated light, a ceiling mount is the best option. Expect to pay between $95 and $600, including materials and labor, to replace a ceiling-mounted fan.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Fan

Wall-mounted bathroom fans are a common option for bathrooms with sloped walls or ceilings, a particularly small bathroom or one with an awkward ductwork setup. All in, you'll pay between $95 and $650 for a wall-mounted bathroom fan replacement.

No-Cut Bathroom Fan

No-cut fans are usually quick and easy to install because they fit inside the existing hole. They're comparatively easy to change out and, if you're determined to DIY the replacement, this is the best option. 

However, it's always best to leave it to the pros. And if the no-cut replacement also has heat or light, hiring a local electrician is essential. For a no-cut bathroom fan replacement, expect to pay between $130 and $550, all-in.

Room Access Bathroom Fan

Room access fans are a good option if the area above the bathroom is challenging to access. Room access fans can be no-cut for easy replacement. The total cost for a room access fan replacement is $130 to $550.

Bathroom Fan With a Light

Small bathrooms often combine the light and fan in one unit to maximize space. In larger rooms, a fan with an integrated light above the shower brightens the space as well as draws out steam. For a replacement fan with light, expect to pay between $130 and $575 for the whole project.

Exterior Bathroom Fan

An exterior fan is a direct vent fan that doesn't require ductwork. Instead, it vents directly through an exterior wall. Replacing an exterior exhaust bathroom fan is relatively quick and easy and minimally invasive. You'll pay between $130 and $700 all-in.

Inline Bathroom Fan

Inline fans aren't that common for bathroom installations. However, they are useful for homes with two or more bathrooms where you want to save on ductwork and vent both through the same ducts. The ducts are in the bathroom, but the fan itself is in another location, often the attic. To replace an inline fan, expect to pay between $130 and $700 for the whole project.

Bathroom Fan With a Heater

Bathroom fans with heaters are usually ceiling-mounted and have an integrated infrared heater. If you've got an existing ceiling-mounted fan but find that your bathroom sometimes feels uncomfortably chilly, upgrading to an exhaust fan with a heater is a smart move. All in, this type of bathroom fan replacement costs between $155 and $640.

Bathroom Fan With a Light and Heater

For a small, cold bathroom, a fan with a light and a heater is a great choice. Although note that if you previously had just a fan or a fan with a light, the electrician will likely need to work on the wiring to ensure it can handle the additional load.

 Placing this kind of fan around where you step out of the shower is a popular option, as it brightens the shower space, pulls steam straight out of the room and provides a warm spot right where you need it. The total cost of this project ranges from $155 to $475.

Bathroom Fan With Bluetooth

If you're remodeling your bathroom to create a smart bathroom, then replacing your existing exhaust fan with one with Bluetooth makes sense. Bluetooth bathroom fans usually have additional "smart" features such as integrated speakers and remote control from your tablet or smart home device. Replacing your bathroom fan with a Bluetooth bathroom fan costs $170 to $500, all-in.

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Bathroom Fan Replacement Cost By CFM

The size of the fan you need is directly related to the size of your bathroom. The larger the room, the more air the fan has to move to be effective. For bathroom fans, air movement is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM.

The general guideline is one CFM per square foot and the minimum CFM recommendation is 50 CFM. The length, age and number of turns in your ducts also impact the necessary CFM.

Typical Bathroom SizeRequired CFMTypical Cost Range (Materials only)
40 sq. ft. (5' x 8')50 – 60$16 – $75
70 sq. ft. (7'x10')70 – 80$25 – $100
100 sq. ft. (10'x10')100 – 150$35 – $300
144 sq. ft. (12'x12')150 – 250$100 – $300

Factors That Influence Bathroom Fan Replacement Costs

It's not just the type of fan and size of your bathroom that impacts the cost of replacing your bathroom fan. Let's take a look at some other common elements that influence your total project cost.

Cost to Install Bathroom Exhaust Ducts

When replacing your bathroom fan, if you're changing the location or your existing ducts are old, damaged, or inefficient, you'll need to budget for replacing the ducts or adding new ones, too. 

To hire a local plumber for replacing ducts will cost anywhere from $45 to $400 for up to two hours of installation work. And you'll also have to pay for the materials, which will set you back an additional $50 to $100. So, the total cost for replacing ducts or adding new ones varies from $95 to $500.


Aside from the standard fan types, you may want additional features which will impact the cost of the fan. 

  • Speed control: The majority of fans are single-speed, which is perfectly adequate for most bathrooms. However, for larger bathrooms, variable speed fans let you conserve energy on less humid days or when you've just had a quick shower by lowering the speed. On days when you've filled the bathroom with steam thanks to a luxurious soak in the bathtub, or on particularly humid days, you can increase the speed to draw more steam from the room. A fan with variable speed control costs between $150–$200.
  • Humidity sensor: Humidity sensors activate the fan when they detect a certain level of humidity. This ensures your bathroom stays comfortably dry and limits the risk of mold and mildew growth. You'll find humidity sensors on high-end models often those equipped with Bluetooth, and you can expect to pay around $300. 
  • Automatic timers: Automatic timers shut the fan off after a designated period. This is usually around 15 minutes, which is the standard time recommended to clear most bathrooms of steam. Fans with automatic timers usually also have other features such as Bluetooth or humidity sensors and cost around $300.

DIY vs. Hiring a Fan Replacement Pro

While it is possible, in theory, for an experienced DIYer to replace a bathroom fan if it's just a direct swap, even that is really best left to the professionals. And if there's any additional wiring component, such as the inclusion of an integrated light or heater, the services of an electrician are essential. 

For safety, you should never attempt an electrical project unless you are an actual electrician. This is doubly important in a room that has constant moisture.

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