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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Bathroom Fan?

Typical Range: $240 - $544

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Cost to Install Bathroom Fan

More than nineteen hundred homeowners report that the average bathroom fan installation cost is $380, or between $240 and $544. The fan itself can cost $15 to $300 or more. On average, buying a fan and having it installed costs as low as $110 and as much as $800 on the high end.

Bathroom exhaust fans are essential for clearing out steam and moisture. Excess moisture and humidity (that accumulates after a shower) can affect paint and lead to mold and mildew.

The price to install a bathroom fan depends on four things:

  1. The cost of the fan
  2. The cost of labor
  3. Whether or not there are air ducts
  4. Replacing vs. installing for the first time

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National Average $380
Typical Range $240 - $544
Low End - High End $114 - $850

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the average cost to install a bath fan is $375 or $230 to $550

Exhaust Fan Prices

A simple bathroom exhaust fan can cost as little as $15. Exhaust fans with lights and energy efficiency add-ons cost around $140.

Bigger bathrooms need bigger fans. Expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $370 for fans that service larger bathrooms (100 or more square feet).

You can also install an all-in-one bathroom fan and light. These cost between $40 and $140. More enhancements (such as fans with Bluetooth speakers or fans that fit your bathroom’s decor) will raise the price.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Cost

Hiring an electrician costs $50 to $100 per hour. Installing a fan in a bathroom for the first time could take 2 to 4 hours. Project prices depend on where you live, the electrician’s experience and how extensive the project is. Replacing a fan will cost less; adding ducts or new wiring costs more.

Cost to Install Bathroom Vents & Ducts

If there is no vent access, you’ll need to install ductwork. Duct installation costs between $150 and $2,000, based on location, home size and how much time it will take. In bigger homes, ductwork might cost upwards of $4,000. Contact a handyman near you to get a quote.

Excess moisture in a bathroom needs to vent and flow outside. Most bathrooms have vent access, either through the roof, a wall or both.

Cost to Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan Through Roof

A bathroom exhaust fan costs between $15 and $300. With labor, expect to pay $60 on the low end and $500 on the high end. This cost depends on the fan price and the project difficulty.

You can also redirect air and moisture outside with a roof vent. Ridge roof vents cost $2 to $3 per linear foot.

Vent Bathroom Fan Through a Wall

Through-wall fans cost $50 to $70, but can go as high as $200. With labor, venting through your bathroom wall costs $130 to $340.

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Cost to Replace a Bathroom Fan

Replacing or repairing a bathroom fan costs less than starting from scratch. For labor and the fan itself, you could pay as little as $60 and up to $400. It might only take 1 to 2 hours.

Cost Factors to Installing Bathroom Ventilation Fan

In addition to the cost of the fan, there are two things that factor into installation costs.

Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom affects the size of the fan needed to expel moisture. Most bathroom fans accommodate the standard range of bathroom sizes, but in many newer homes the bathrooms are very large accommodating two-person showers and whirlpool tubs. Bathrooms that are 100 square feet or more will need a bigger bathroom fan or two standard-sized fans.

Fans for bigger bathrooms cost between $120 and $370. Depending on if you’re replacing or installing a fan for the first time, you’ll pay between $150 and $690 with labor.

Installing Electrical

Since heat and steam rise, bathroom exhaust fans are best installed in the ceiling.

When installing a bathroom fan where one doesn’t currently exist, an electrician will have to cut a hole for it and add new wiring. This will take 2 to 4 hours on average, but could take longer depending on your home’s structure.

DIY vs. Hiring a Handyman for Fan Installation

To replace a bathroom exhaust fan yourself, you’ll pay $15 to $370 just for the fan, not including any additional materials.

Installing a bathroom fan from scratch is complicated. You’ll need a special kind of drill, a ladder, ducts and many other specialized tools. Unless you already have all the tools and experience, you will likely pay more to DIY a bathroom fan than to hire someone.

Working with electricity is dangerous, even for experienced electricians. It is safer to hire an electrician to wire in a replacement fan or install a new one.


How much electricity does a bathroom fan use?

Most fans use 6 watts on the efficient side to 60 or more watts for standard models. Fans with enhancements (such as Bluetooth speakers) will use 43 to 1,500 watts, but only when those features are in use.

Do I have to vent my bathroom fan to the outside?

Yes. Some homes vent fans to the attic, but this leads to mold and other structural damage. Even if the attic is vented, a bathroom exhaust fan still needs to vent directly outside.

Who installs bathroom fans?

Electricians handle bathroom fan installation. We recommend hiring a plumber or HVAC specialist if you need new ductwork. But for fan installation and wiring itself, electricians are the ones to call.

How much does it cost to install a bathroom light fixture?

On average, installing a light fixture costs $464. The cost of labor ranges from $80 to $230. Simple light fixtures (some of which include a bathroom fan) are less than $100. Ornate fixtures cost $1,000 or more. In total, you could pay between $180 and $1,230 for a new light fixture.

How much does kitchen exhaust fan installation cost?

A ceiling fan or wall fan costs anywhere between $30 and $300. The price depends on the type of fan you choose and the nature of installation. If the ductwork and wiring is already in place, you’ll pay less.

Installing a range hood costs up to $4,500. Including labor, expect to pay between $280 and $6,000 for installation.

Are toilet exhaust fans required in a bathroom?

Building codes for bathrooms vary depending on location. While exhaust fans are not required, some form of ventilation (such as a window) must be present. Since most bathrooms don’t have windows, installing a bathroom or toilet exhaust fan provides the necessary (and legal) ventilation.

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