How Much Does a Semi-Inground Pool Cost?

Typical Range:

$6,800 - $25,000

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Updated June 9, 2021

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Semi-Inground Pool Cost

Buying and installing a semi-inground pool costs anywhere from $6,800 to $25,000 or more depending on the size, shape, material and features included. This type of pool is less expensive than an inground one and pricier than a fully above ground model. A semi-inground pool sits partially below ground and is ideal for homes with sloping landscapes.

Average Cost of a Semi-Inground Pool

On average, a semi-inground pool costs around $13,400. Large models with decks, patios or other features will cost much more. Smaller models without additional features will run less.

Average Cost$13,400
High Cost$25,000
Low Cost$6,800

Semi-Inground Pool Installation Cost

The cost to install a semi-inground pool generally falls between $6,800 and $25,000 including materials and labor. Labor alone runs from $3,000 to $7,000 or more on average. This includes the price to excavate land, install the pool, wire electricity, pour cement as needed and add decorative features. These can add to the price of your project:

  • Lights

  • Fountains

  • Waterfalls

  • Stamped concrete

  • Retaining walls

  • Stonework

  • Heaters

  • Bar space

Semi-Above Ground Swimming Pool Prices by Material

Fiberglass $$$
Concrete $$$
Vinyl Liner$$

These partially-buried pools are made by building an inground pool and raising it up out of the ground, or by sinking an above ground pool into the ground. So, they can be crafted with a variety of materials. The cost of a fiberglass pool is considerably higher than a steel one, for instance.

Keep in mind that the quality of materials, longevity and durability will all affect their lifetime price.

Semi-Above Ground Pool Costs by Size

Size in FeetAverage Cost
12x52 round$2,250-$4,000+
15x52 round$2,400-$4,500+
21x52 round$2,700-$5,400+
15x24x52 oval$3,500-$6,700+
17x32x52 oval$4,800-$7,900+
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Semi-Inground Pool Brands

Only some above ground brands make pools suited to be semi-inground. Check with each manufacturer to see the unit's capabilities before trying to place part of it under ground. Here are a few brands with pool options that may support this project:

  • Aquasport Pools

  • Radiant Pools

  • Wilbar Pools

  • Intrepid

  • Oasis

  • Doughboy

Talk with a semi-inground pool dealer to find the cost for each brand.

Semi-Inground Pool with Deck Costs

The cost to build an above ground pool deck runs from $300 to $3,000. Materials, deck size and added features all factor into this price. Talk to a local pool deck pro to see how much you’ll pay for your project.

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Other Cost Factors

Don’t forget to consider some of the hidden costs of owning a semi-inground pool. In addition to purchasing and installing it, you’ll have to pay for:

  • Permits: Check with your local government to see what permits are required for this project and how much building permits cost.

  • Insurance: Your home insurance rates may change, and you may want more coverage for your

  • pool.

  • Electricity: Expect an extra $30-$250 per month on your electric bill to run the pump, filter

  • and pool heater.

  • Maintenance: Chemicals, cleanings and professional pool services will cost around $115 per month.

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Semi vs. Inground vs. Above Ground Pools

Above GroundInground Semi-Inground
CheapestMost ExpensiveModerate cost
Lasts 7-15+ YearsLasts 20-30+ YearsLasts 10-20+ Years
Fastest InstallationLongest InstallationModerate Install Time

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How much does it cost to convert an above ground pool to a semi-inground pool?

Above ground pools cost from about $2,150 to $6,660. It costs an extra $4,660 to $18,350 to convert an above ground model to a semi-inground unit on average.

How much do semi-above ground pools cost?

On average, a semi-above ground pool costs $13,400 before installation.

When should I build a semi-inground pool?

Spring is often the best time to build a semi-inground pool, since it is right before the busy season for many local pool installation professionals. Once installed, you can enjoy it all season long.

How long do semi-inground pools last?

Semi-inground pools typically last 10 to 20 years with adequate maintenance. Lifespan varies based on material and manufacturer.

Do you need a permit for a semi-above ground pool?

Chances are, you need a permit to install a semi-above ground pool. Check with your local municipality to see requirements in your area.

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