How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fence?

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$302 - $926

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Updated July 15, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

With fence repair costs averaging $599, most homeowners are paying between $302 and $926 to get an existing fence back in shipshape condition. While a tiny repair can cost as little as $50, fixing extensive damage can cost as much as $2,300. Final costs are ultimately determined by factors like the extent of the damage a fence has sustained, the type of fencing material in need of repair and local costs for labor.

2022 Notice: Material Prices Are Surging

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National Average $599
Typical Range $302 - $926
Low End - High End $50 - $5,450

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 16,534 HomeAdvisor members.

Fence Repair Cost Factors

The height, material, length, and cost of labor will impact your final price to repair a fence. Here’s a look at the biggest cost factors.


Higher fences generally cost more to repair because they require additional materials and equipment. The extra time required to fix a taller fence will also factor into hourly labor costs for the project.


When replacing or patching areas of an existing fence, the materials used will affect the cost. Premium fencing materials cost more per square foot. However, even inexpensive metal fencing can sometimes require higher labor costs based on the intricate detailing work needed for interwoven strands versus broad boards. For instance, stretching, splicing or replacing wire strands in metal fencing can require extensive skill and labor time.


Like height, length plays a big role in fencing repair costs. However, length is only a factor if repairs are needed throughout the entire body of a fence.

Labor Costs

The cost to repair a fence averages $565, with most homeowners spending between $300 and $878. Labor costs associated with fence repair can vary based on the extent of the repairs needed, the complexity of the terrain the fence is sitting on and accessibility. With many professional fencing contractors billing by the hour, homeowners can expect to pay more for time-consuming repairs spread throughout the length of a fence. In addition, factors that include rough terrain, hard soil or hard-to-reach spots can all increase repair costs due to the extra time, planning and materials needed.

Fence Repair Cost Per Square Foot

The average cost to repair a fence falls between $18 and $50 per square foot. That places the average cost to repair fences made from all fencing materials at $34 per square foot.

Cost By Type of Fence Repair

Type of Repair Typical Cost
Post Replacement $140 – $400
Fallen or Leaning Fence Repair $150 – $400
Full Replacement $650 – $2,500
Holes or Cracks $175 – $370
Board or Panel Replacement $100 – $300
Chain Link Replacement $18 per sq. ft.
Gate Replacement $100 – $400

While swapping panels can be a relatively quick fix, any repair that requires structural work costs more. It’s sometimes necessary to dig to reset posts if the original work was done incorrectly.

Post Replacement

While most homeowners can expect to pay between $140 and $400 per fence post, the average cost for a single post replacement falls near $270. The damage incurred affects final project costs. If a post has been damaged due to a collision, a full replacement is recommended to uphold the fence's structural integrity. However, a fence with minor damage can often simply be repositioned and reset.

Fallen or Leaning Fence Repair

When replacing fallen or leaning fence sections, repair costs range between $150 and $400. Costs fall on the lower side when it's only necessary to adjust intact posts. Prices increase when work is needed on top rails and support posts.

It's important for homeowners to get proper assessments when dealing with leaning or sagging fencing because the problem may be happening at the soil level instead of with the fencing material. Homeowners should expect to pay between $150 and $500 to repair a leaning or sagging fence caused by soil issues. While significant work on the foundation or support structures can be more expensive, repairing rails and panels on sound fencing is relatively inexpensive.

Full Replacement

A full fence replacement typically costs between $650 and $2,500. When replacing full fence sections or panels, the cost is still lower than new fence installation if the existing post holes can be used as guides. A replacement fence will require new posts, fence rails, pickets, and gate hinges.

Holes or Cracks

Most fence holes and cracks can be fixed for between $125 and $370. Costs may be higher or lower depending on the severity of the breakage. While patching holes and cracks is relatively inexpensive, cosmetic costs for refinishing or repainting the freshly repaired area to match the rest of the fence can increase project costs.

Board/Panel Replacement

If you're replacing panel or board-style fencing made of vinyl or wood instead of a metal fence, expect each board to cost between $100 and $300. Costs ultimately come down to factors like the dimensions of each board, the quality of the materials and fencing style.

When replacing a section of chain link, the cost is typically $18 per square foot for new materials. However, labor costs can be on the higher side for a chain link repair because it's necessary to manually untie and cut existing chain links to fit in the replacement sheet.

Gate Replacement

Repairing a fence gate costs between $100 and $400. Most homeowners are paying around $250 for projects that include everything from replacing damaged hinges and latching to installing a new gate with newly reset gate supports. Costs are higher for ornamental or security gates.

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Cost by Fence Material Type

Type of Material Typical Cost
Wooden Fence $500 – $600
Chain-link $460
Stone $50 (per sq. ft)
Aluminum/Steel $500
Iron $495
Barbed Wire $450 – $1,500
Lattice $32.50 (per sq. ft)
Gate $32.50 (per sq. ft)

While some fencing materials are more expensive by the square foot, others incur higher costs due to the time and labor involved in replacing them.

Wooden Fence

The cost to repair a wood fence averages around $500 to $600. While most homeowners are paying $20 per square foot for wood fence repair cost, rates are determined by the extent of the damage. Expect to pay more if it's necessary to dig out and replace rotting posts when compared to repairs that simply involve patching up holes.

The average cost for a repair involving chain link is $460. Costing an average of $18 per square foot for a repair, chain link often involves cutting out and replacing existing patches. Dealing with damaged or rusting chain link is often more expensive because this requires replacements of both rails and mesh.


The average cost to repair a stone fence by square foot is $50. Costs are higher for stone because the job typically needs to be handled by a masonry expert instead of a fencing installer. If a stone fence is crumbling, a mason may need to refill the fence with smaller stones before replacing larger stones.

Aluminum or Steel

The average cost to repair an aluminum or steel fence is $500. Common repairs needed to get these fences back in operational order include welding, panel replacement and post replacement.


The average cost to fix an iron fence is $495. In some cases, a portion of an iron fence can be fixed using epoxy. However, repair costs start to climb to anywhere between $255 and $740 if your fencing contractor needs to weld portions of the fence.

Barbed Wire

Fixing barbed wire fencing costs between $450 and $1,500. However, most homeowners are paying around $975. Costs for repairing barbed wire can be higher than average because safely accessing the damaged area involves a process of stretching the fence, removing barbs using a crimping tool or splicing barbed wire.


Lattice fencing repairs land near $32.50 per square foot. In some cases, repairing a full lattice panel is the best way to reestablish a cohesive look. It may also be possible to reinforce the section with damaged or missing slats with new slats.


With most homeowners paying between $100 and $400 for a fence gate repair, the cost for a new gate is around $250. The higher end represents a full gate replacement to match the existing fencing. However, replacing hinges and latches to heavier versions to prevent a gate from sticking or sagging can often be done for under $100. If your gate is loose or crooked, the fix may involve resetting or replacing the wood supports.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

With a fence being one of the most visible elements of a yard, homeowners can get the guarantee that the job will be done right when hiring a fence repair contractor. While a DIY fence repair may seem like the budget option, most homeowners end up paying more for materials when compared to a contractor who gets bulk pricing. The time and materials needed to properly fix a fence can also get a homeowner in over their head quickly. Incorrectly diagnosing why a fence is sagging can actually cause a homeowner to spend time and money on the wrong repairs.


Who pays to repair a shared fence?

Your state’s law determines which owner is responsible for the costs of repairing a shared fence. It will consider the following questions:

  • Which owner uses the land near and leading to the fence?

  • Does either owner have another fence attached to the boundary fence?

  • Does a fence attached to the boundary fence completely enclose either property?

For example, in California, both property owners are equally responsible for maintaining boundary fences unless one owner chooses to leave the remaining sides of his or her property unfenced. In Illinois, both property owners are equally responsible for maintaining the fence.

Do you need a permit to repair a fence?

Your location determines whether or not you need a permit to repair a fence. You should make sure the project stays within the guidelines of state and local law, as well as community agreements. Some municipalities require a building permit for construction or repair work on a fence. Property owners living in neighborhoods with homeowner’s associations may need approval before they can do any work on a fence.

Before starting the project, speak with a representative at the local building code enforcement office and/or the appropriate individual within the homeowner’s association. This prevents unnecessary fines and conflicts with neighbors.

How do you repair a fence?

DIY fence repair takes preparation and planning. Assess the extent of the damage; then make a list of the materials and equipment you’ll need for repairs. Properly clean the affected area, and perform repairs as needed.

Professional fence repair costs more, so it’s important you hire the right fence contractor for the job. Research at least three contractors in your area and ask them each for a quote. Check that they have insurance and offer a warranty on the parts and labor. Then select the quote that best meets your needs.

How much does it cost to replace a fence gate?

Replacing a fence gate costs between $100 and $400, with most homeowners paying about $250 if you do it yourself. 

How much does it cost to straighten a fence?

The average cost to straighten a leaning fence is $515. The total cost is based on the length and materials involved. While wood and chain link cost between $560 and $570 to replace, vinyl/PVC and aluminum/steel cost between $460 and $470. If a fence is sagging due to changing soil, improperly placed posts or another foundational issue, the costs will be on the higher side.

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