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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Electric Blinds, Drapes, Or Shades?

Typical Range: $106 - $480

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Electric blinds, drapes, and shades provide privacy for homeowners and make it easy to open and close the window coverings. These systems can be set on a timer to enhance home security while the homeowner is away and to boost a home's energy efficiency by letting in or blocking out the sunlight as desired. Occasionally, they develop a problem that requires a professional repair to restore proper functioning to the system.

Problems with Electric Blinds, Drapes and Shades

Electric blinds, drapes and shades may develop mechanical or electric problems. In addition, the product may deteriorate, resulting in torn or faded fabric, cracked slats, or frayed edges. Some of the most common problems with these window coverings include a broken motor, slats not tilting correctly or broken from too much pressure placed on them, or a damaged head rail. A broken motor may result from mechanical failure, worn electrical connections or overuse. Slats can be damaged through overuse, too much handling or accidents. Improper slat tilt may result from manual handling of the blinds. A damaged head rail typically occurs as a result of debris such as dust and dirt or weathering of the system.

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National Average $267
Typical Range $106 - $480
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Common Repairs

Electric blinds, drapes and shades should only be repaired by professionals who are experienced with the intricacies of these systems. Some of the most common repairs of these window coverings include replacing damaged slats and clips, the chain in the head rail and a broken motor. The average cost of replacing damaged slats and clips is $50 per window covering, which includes the price of materials and cost of labor. Replacement of the chain is a more involved process and requires more of a professional's time, resulting in a higher cost for labor. Motor replacement is the priciest type of repair because it requires several hours of work as well as the motor itself, which tends to be the most expensive part of the window covering. Replacing the motor may cost $200 or more per window covering.

Considerations When Repairing Electric Blinds, Drapes or Shades

The primary factor in repairing electric blinds, drapes, or shades is the size of the window covering. The larger the square footage of the window covering, the more the repair will cost. This is because larger window coverings require more powerful motors, longer chains, slats and lengths of fabric than smaller window coverings utilize. Window coverings of an abnormal size or configuration, such as arched window coverings, may also cost more to repair. Another consideration in the cost of repairing electric blinds, drapes and shades is whether or not the system is fully automated. A fully automated system costs more to repair due to the high-tech electronics built into the system. Homeowners should expect to pay higher repair fees for coverings made from premium materials such as hardwood or silk.

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