How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost?

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$4,219 - $19,841

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Updated August 22, 2022

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Hurricane windows cost an average of $4,219 and $19,841 for around eight to 10 windows, including professional installation. Most impact windows range from around $1,000 for a set of smaller, fixed windows with aluminum frames to $15,000 for large, ventilating windows with additional features like grids, custom colors, or additional coatings for energy efficiency and privacy. Each window costs $100 to $2,100, depending on the size, shape, type, and any add-on options.

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National Average $12,003
Typical Range $4,219 - $19,841
Low End - High End $300 - $33,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 887 HomeAdvisor members.

Impact Window Prices

Average cost for hurricane window installation ranges from $3,500 to $8,800

Storm windows cost around $3,500 to $8,800 to install, but the total depends on the windows you choose. Some styles and brands are more expensive but may last longer or match your home’s aesthetic better than other options.

Size and Style 

Hurricane windows cost around $55 to $62 per square foot, although customized windows may cost up to three times more. There are also different prices based on the type of windows you choose.

  • Fixed: Fixed windows, which don’t have moving parts, cost about $100–$1,600 per window, not including labor.

  • Architectural: These windows offer a more customized look for about $350–$2,100 per window.

  • Single-hung: Single-hung impact windows cost $300–$1,500 each. This type of window has a fixed upper sash, and the lower sash can be opened and closed.

  • Double-hung: Double-hung windows, which cost $450–$1,700 each, have both an upper and lower sash that can move.

  • Sliding: Sliding windows open horizontally, with panels that glide along a track, and cost $550–$1,400 each.


*Prices reflect averages for a fixed window.


Storm window brands can impact the final cost. Larson offers some of the least expensive options, while Marvin and Pella offer more expensive windows as well as more customizations to choose from.

Storm Window BrandPrice to Install a Single WindowCost for Whole House Install
Affordable Storm Windows$500$4,000


Additional materials, like hurricane window film or weatherstripping, can add to the project cost. It costs about $350 for 75 square feet of hurricane window film, which covers up to 10 windows that are 24 inches by 36 inches. This is suitable for savvy DIYers to install themselves. For improved insulation, weatherstripping costs around $275 to do the whole house.

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Frame Material

Hurricane window frames are typically made from aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Aluminum is the least expensive option, but it isn’t as insulating as vinyl or wood.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum frames start around $100 but offer less insulation and aesthetic appeal than other frame materials.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl frames, which cost $125–$300 per window, offer reliable insulation and require minimal maintenance.

  • Wood: Wood frames cost up to $400 each and provide the most insulation.

MaterialAverage Price
Aluminum$100 – $275
Vinyl$125 – $300
Wood$175 – $400

Exterior vs. Interior

Installing interior storm windows costs around $24 per square foot, or $250 to $400 per panel. This is up to $38 per square foot less than exterior impact-resistant windows.

Interior storm windows include a single pane, while exterior windows include two or three tracks. A two-track window allows you to slide the installed pane up or down on only the inner track. A triple-track system provides separate tracks for the screen and both windowpanes. This allows you to move the panes for cross-ventilation.

The indoor storm panels attach to the inner frame of your windows and leave the exterior panes in place. Their design protects the interior of your home but leaves the existing windows at risk of storm damage. This style is best if you want to keep the current look of your home or have to follow the rules for historic builds.


Additional features are available to make storm windows more durable, insulated, or ventilated.

  • Stabilizer bar: These bars cost $20–$40 apiece and boost the structural integrity of the storm windows, making them more durable.

  • Triple-track windows: These windows hold each sash in a separate track and add $30–$50 to the cost of each storm window.

  • Double-pane windows: Double-pane windows have two separate glass panes, and the added material cost adds about $50–$100 per window.

  • Adjustable ventilation stops: A set of adjustable ventilation stops that sit within the inside track of the windows is $10–$50.

  • Shutters: For added protection, storm shutters cost an additional $2,000–$6,000 to install. These may also be used instead of hurricane windows, depending on your needs.

Cost to Install Impact Windows

Installation costs can vary depending on whether you are installing windows into existing walls, replacing old windows with impact-resistant options, or even depending on the number of windows you need.

Number of Windows

Each window costs around $100 to $2,100, so the more windows a house has, the higher the cost will be.

Size and Shape

The larger the window or more complex the shape, the more expensive the total will be. Custom window shapes or sizes can increase the cost by up to three times.

Create New Opening

Creating a new opening to install a window costs $1,000 to $5,000 per window. The cost may be high because in addition to creating an opening in an existing wall, you may need to hire plumbers and electricians to reroute pipes and wires. The cost also includes framing, installing drywall, and repairing siding.

Replacing Windows

To swap standard windows for hurricane-resistant windows, expect to spend about an additional $50 per window to take out the old windows. Replacing existing storm windows costs $6,510 on average. Expect a higher price if changing the window sizes or locations.


Labor costs add $80 to $400 per window. Professional window installers may also charge an hourly rate of $30 to $65 per hour. Each window will take about two hours to install.


Building permits vary by location, but you can expect to spend $50 to $200 for permit costs to install new storm windows or replace existing windows.

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Pros and Cons of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are important to consider, especially for those living in areas that experience a lot of severe storms. But there are some cons to consider before investing in this type of window.

No set-up time when a storm comesHigh upfront cost
Designed to resist impact from high winds, debris, and even burglarsMay yellow over time
May block UV raysNot always as visually attractive as standard windows
Improve energy-efficiencyMore maintenance required than standard windows
May reduce home insurance costsMay decrease natural light coming into the house

DIY vs. Hiring Window Installers

Installing storm windows costs around $80 to $400 per window, or $30 to $65 per hour with an average of two hours spent installing each window.

This is a simple process for the pros, but it proves tricky as a DIY project. The only exceptions are hurricane window film and indoor storm windows, since they easily slip into place.

When putting in two- or three-track storm windows, it is best to hire a window installer near you to get the job done right. They will make sure that your windows are properly sized, sealed, and secured. They also warranty their non-glass materials and workmanship for up to 10 years.

The time it takes for the professional installation depends on the number of windows in your home plus their size and type. Their location in your home design matters, too, with second-story installs taking up to twice as long as ones on the first story.

Installation involves:

  • Removing the old window or creating openings for new windows

  • Repairing and adjusting the exterior window frame

  • Caulking the window opening

  • Positioning the window

  • Adjusting the expander

  • Securing the storm window

You should always explore your options before you schedule an actual installation. Some companies offer in-home consultations while others only show their products in an in-store showroom. It’s worth it to take spend a little extra time and money to hire a reliable professional who will make sure your that windows are properly installed.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that this is an excellent time to repaint your home’s exterior if needed. In fact, if you can work it into your budget, consider hiring exterior painters near you to update your paint before the window install.


Do I need hurricane windows?

You’ll want to install hurricane windows if you live in a location that experiences many hurricanes or other severe storms and high winds throughout the year. The added benefits are that these windows can also deter burglars and boost your home’s energy efficiency. That being said, you may opt for other windows for a lower cost if you do not live in a storm-prone area.

Are hurricane windows worth it?

Hurricane windows can be expensive upfront, but if you live somewhere prone to storms and high winds, they are well worth the cost. Storm windows can save you money in damage during each storm, and you may qualify for discounted rates on your homeowners insurance policy by switching to hurricane windows.

Are hurricane windows better than shutters?

Hurricane windows provide more protection and last longer than shutters, making them a better investment if you live in a storm-prone area. For the most protection, you can install shutters over impact windows.

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