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  • Willoughby Design, LLC

    "In the Fall of 2020, we hired Todd to design an addition to our home. We thought we had a strong idea of what we wanted to tie the addition into our existing home with like and kind elements. Todd impressed us with the design and creativity that he brought to our project. His expertise and professionalism took it to the next level. He was responsive to our questions and feedback and has been patient with us as we worked through ideas to get the design we wanted. His attention to detail in every aspect of the project was fantastic and enables the success of our project. We are currently in the construction phase and it is already apparent that the plans Todd developed are exactly what is needed. Moreover, the few times our contractors have posed questions, it only took a more thorough review of his plans to resolve them. Thank you, Todd, for helping us realize our dream project."

    5.0 star review from Scott D. in Middleburg, VA

  • Scott Siegel Architect

    "Scott is one genius architect, super helpful, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He's always there for you. He designed a home addition for us which turned into a landmark by so many onlookers. It's not easy project given the existing awkward design of the split-level. But he made it possible inside out. He's super thoughtful and pays close attention to every single inch of details. We're super happy with Scott's work and can't speak highly enough about him and his work. We absolutely recommend. "

    5.0 star review from Isaac A. in Annandale, VA

  • Out of Network

    Bell Architects, PC

    "extremely prompt and courteous reply, and great, free advice. my condo was not able to actually hire them but truly appreciated his willingness to give us guidance"

    4.8 star review from CA G. in Washington, DC

  • Out of Network

    Golden Construction, Inc.

    "Overall it was good. I would suggest to anyone thinking about using them to make sure you see all of the materials before installation. I had one issue with a dimmer switch and I ended up having to purchase the type of dimmer swtich I was looking for and then have them come back to install it. But they were professional and after the first day I didn't mind leaving them in the house unattended."

    4.0 star review from Meredythe G. in Woodbridge, VA

How much do architects typically cost?

  • Ashburn, VA Average
  • Typical Range
    $3,077 - $13,882
  • Low End - High End
    $600 - $50,000

Whether you are building a new home or updating your current one, you might find yourself in the need of an architect. Architects can be invaluable in helping you get the permits you need, while ensuring the best possible design of your renovation or new construction.

Need help finding an architect near you? Enter your zip code to be connected today to local home architect companies. In the meantime, here's what you need to know about making sure that you find the best possible professional to work with.

What Does an Architect Do?

Any time you are working on an exterior or interior renovation or building project, an architect can help. These professionals are specifically trained to both plan the logistics of your product, such as the impact an addition would have on your property and the rest of your home, and create a design consistent with the home's style and your preferences.

Safety is one of the most important aspects an architect will bring to your project. They will calculate all variables to ensure that anything you add or change to your home (and the home itself) remain both safe and livable. In addition, they can function as project managers, helping you organize all professionals (from plumbers to roofing contractors) necessary to complete the project.

Questions to Ask an Architect

Especially for major renovations and building projects, finding the right architect will be absolutely crucial. Here are a few questions you can ask potential partners to make sure they're a good fit:

  • Are you licensed? Every state requires architects to obtain a license to practice their profession. That, in turn, requires a standardized examination, which helps to ensure that the professional you're working with is reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.
  • Have you done similar work in the past? Asking for past work gives you an idea of the architect's style and process. You can also ask for direct references to get other clients' opinions on working with this particular professional.
  • What do you think about my vision? Chances are that you go into any renovation or building project with a specific vision in mind. An experienced architect will be honest about how realistic that vision is, and what it will take to accomplish it.
  • How will you manage this project? Especially if you look for your architect to function as a project manager, you need to know how they operate. Will they hire everyone on your behalf, or simply make recommendations? How involved will you be throughout the project?
  • How can you help with my budget? Home renovations can be scary because of the budget variables involved. When you open up a wall, you never know what hides behind it. This question helps you understand how your architect will manage your budget, including leaving potential contingencies for unexpected findings or incidents.

Cost to Hire an Architect Near You

As you might imagine, the exact cost of any architect depends greatly on your project. Planning and building an entire home will cost significantly more than simply turning a porch into a sunroom. Similarly, the length of the project as well as the level of project management your partner will take on can significantly change your budget. With all that in mind, most of our homeowners spend between $2,085 and $8,024 on an architect, with an average cost of $4,964. Most architect charge between 15% and 20% of the cost of a remodeling project, and between 10% and 15% of the cost of new construction. Depending on who you hire, you might get charged per square foot or per hour.