Xtreme Welding, LLC

17171 County Rd. 21, Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 380-8880
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Metal Fabrication


Fort Morgan


At Xtreme Welding, LLC we are custom welding professionals. From residential to commercial and industrial welding services, we can help you with your projects. Call us for a free quote. We specialize in everything metal. If it is metal, we can weld it - structural welding, aluminum and stainless steel, oil field equipment repairs.

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Recent Job Requests for Metal Fabrication Services in Fort Morgan, CO:

Project: Install or Replace Metal Stairs and Railings
Location: Fort Morgan, CO
Date: 08/2022
Type of Stairs: Exterior
Stair Construction: Open on two sides (railings on both sides)
Type of Material: Don't Know
Width of Stairs: 5-7 ft.
Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting
Desired Completion Date: More than 2 weeks
Location: Home/Residence
Historical Work: No
Property Owner: Yes
Comment: Front stairs(cement) to enter home. We want rail on both sides, mobility issues with self and husband. Something sturdy

Project: Fabricate Sheet Metal (Ducts, Hoods, Ornamental, etc.)
Location: Fort Morgan, CO
Date: 05/2022
Fabricate what?: Flashings for roofing and deck
Kind of Metal: Galvanized steel
How sealed?: Soldered
Copper coated?: Yes
Request Stage: Ready to Hire
Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible
Location: Home/Residence

Project: Weld or Cut Metal with a Torch
Location: Fort Morgan, CO
Date: 06/2015