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Landscape, Deck & Fence Pros
Landscapers are not only used for gardens and lawn care, although this is an important part of any home design. Decks and fences are just as crucial when creating landscape architecture. Everybody loves a well-kept lawn, but the key to landscaping is to make sure it fits your personal needs and desires. Is your fence needed to restrain dogs, to separate noisy neighbors, or is it simply for aesthetic value? Do you want a deck for large parties or a small patio for relaxing? Many factors go into landscape beyond flowers and trees, though these elements should also reflect your personality. Looking for products related to landscaping and gardening? Compare prices from various stores selling Lawn Mowers, Weed Trimmers and Gardening Tools.

Popular Landscape, Decks & Fences Projects

Decks, Porches, Gazebos & Play Equipment
Build or repair decks, porches, gazebos, play equipment, putting greens, play areas, etc.

Repair or install fences: wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum, steel, barbed wire, electronic, security gate, iron fences, etc.

Landscaping - Design & Installation
Includes landscape & sod installation, site prep, landscape architects & designers, etc.

Landscaping - Sprinkler Systems
Install or repair sprinkler systems & mist cooling systems, etc.

Maintenance of Lawn, Trees & Shrubs
Lawn aeration, mowing & fertilization, tree trimming & treatment, outdoor lighting, etc.

Outdoor Patios, Steps & Walkways
Includes installation & repair of asphalt & concrete driveways, patios & walks, snow removal, etc.

Outdoor Walls & Retaining Walls
Includes installation & repair of brick, stone, block, poured concrete & retaining walls, etc.

Pools & Water Features
Includes installation & repair of swimming pools, hot tubs, water features, etc.

Trees and Shrubs - Trim or Remove
Large trees require special skills, equipment.